CoinMarketCap List all exchanges (latest)

CoinMarketCap - List all exchanges (latest)

Get a paginated list of all cryptocurrency exchanges with 24 hour volume. Additional market data fields will be available in the future. You can configure this call to sort by 24 hour volume or another field. Use the "convert" option to return market values in multiple fiat and cryptocurrency conversions in the same call. **This endpoint is available on the following API plans:** - ~~Starter~~ - ~~Hobbyist~~ - Standard - Professional - Enterprise **Cache / Update frequency:** Every ~5 minutes. This endpoint will be migrated to ~1 minute updates shortly. *NOTE: Use this endpoint if you need a sorted and paginated list of exchanges. If you want to query for market data on a few specific exchanges use /v1/exchange/quotes/latest which is optimized for that purpose. The response data between these endpoints is otherwise the same.*

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curl -v "{streamdata_token}&convert={field_value}&limit={field_value}&market_type={field_value}&sort={field_value}&sort_dir={field_value}&start={field_value}"

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