CoinMarketCap Price conversion tool

CoinMarketCap - Price conversion tool

Convert an amount of one currency into up to 32 other cryptocurrency or fiat currencies at the same time using latest exchange rates. Optionally pass a historical timestamp to convert values based on historic averages. **Note:** Historical fiat conversions aren't yet available and the latest fiat rates will be used as noted by the `last_updated` timestamp included in the market quote. Historical fiat rates will be coming soon. **This endpoint is available on the following API plans:** - ~~Starter~~ - Hobbyist - Standard - Professional - Enterprise **Cache / Update frequency:** Every ~5 minutes. This endpoint will be migrated to ~1 minute updates shortly.

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curl -v "{streamdata_token}&amount={field_value}&convert={field_value}&id={field_value}&symbol={field_value}&time={field_value}"

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